Just got these pics in from Brian Fox- work on the chassis begins!

Seavers Havery 001 (Small)

Seavers Havery 002 (Small)

I know it may not look like much, but when I saw those pics, the reality sunk in: this is REALLY happening!  I can’t even describe the giddiness and sense of determination to make it happen. I also must admit, that while restoring a first-issue 60’s slingshot would be cool because of the history, there is something about having a car that is only yours and will always be yours.

I haven’t heard from Mark yet, but I’m guessing he’s going through the same thing.

The journey has OFFICIALLY begun!



2 Responses to “Gestation!!!”

  1. vince Says:

    Very cool, must be a great feeling seeing the work start. I can’t wait for more on this story.

  2. rocinante rides again Says:

    Thanks Vince! I appreciate the interest!

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