Cookin’ with gas

Man, Brian is really going to town with the chassis! He made the mounts for the rear axle and welded them in place. It is held in by 3/16″  4130 moly plates.   One plate welded to the housing and one to the chassis.  Of course everything was welded together and drilled  as one.  Then taken apart so everything is perfect. 

I can tell you that Mark and I are so jazzed that we went with Brian and King Chassis- I’m so impressed with the work and the work ethic and this car will be really special. We’ve come up with solutions and specs, so we’ll end up with the exact car that we want, rather than one that is sorta close. It’s an amazing feeling to have a dragster custom built and fitted to you.  Again, as cool as an old car would be, I think this is even cooler because we’ll be the ones making all the history with the car, so it’s the closest thing to time travel. Sweet deal!


3 Responses to “Cookin’ with gas”

  1. Michael Edick Says:

    wow, it’s really coming along nicely!!!

  2. vince Says:

    Looks great, are you guys going to make the March Meet?

  3. rocinante rides again Says:

    Vince, if we really bust hump we might be able to make it for the March Meet 2012! 😉 The chassis completely guts our budget and we’re going to have to build the car as we can afford to, and a lot of the things will be stuff we’ll need to save months for. So I’m just not sure when exactly the car will be done. I wish we had $15K sitting around so we could just do it, but it’s not the case unfortunately.

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