Brian Fox: man, or mad man?

It’s gotten to be a habit to look forward to the Sunday night email from Brian with photos on the progress of the car! He’s working like a mad man on the car and it’s really exciting. I know this comes across as blatant ass-kissing, but you know what? Some folks deserve it… This weekend the aluminum seat was fabbed and installed, as well as the  front motor mounts, and the rough of the firewall made. The jigsaw bit the dust and impeded further progress…

Checkout how low profile the drivers compartment is! Super cool! When I was first discussing the car with Brian, I had mentioned that I wanted to make sure the car had a laidback, low profile roll cage for the period look. To help accomplish this and still have me fit in the car, the top rail of the chassis is 5″ longer  than standard as measured from the rear axle location, and the lower frame rail is 3″ longer. Seeing how the car is coming together, Brian figures the roll cage will only be about a foot high.  I figure the layback of the roll cage should mimic the early Don Garlits chassis for the Swamp Rat VI from 1964, so if I’m right, it’ll look similar to this, only with a double hoop in front:

(all photos are thumbnails- click on photo for a larger view)

Anyway, here’s the shots from the progress this week!


6 Responses to “Brian Fox: man, or mad man?”

  1. Tom Stephens Says:


    Re: the driver’s compartment: you know how many adults seem to add weight as they grow older? Since you will have this car for the rest of your life, no more big meals for you 😉 The progress is exciting to watch!


  2. rocinante rides again Says:

    No kidding! This is incentive to drop a few pounds even…

  3. vince Says:

    Looking great. You’ve got me thinking about selling my Gasser and building a rail like yours!

  4. Racin'Jacin Says:

    Dean… Livin’ the dream!!!!!! Ain’t it great!! Car looks awesome!!!!

  5. vince Says:

    I got a quick question. I’m looking into building a car much like your’s. But I also have to store it a garage. What is the overall/total length of the car?

  6. rocinante rides again Says:

    Vince! Heh heh- welcome to the dark side! 😉 My garage is 17 feet long (which is on the short side by current standards) so it worked out that the wheelbase on Roc is 133″ with the front wheels mounted, the overall length of the car is just about 16 feet long. Keep me posted on your car!

    If you have the space, the magic number is 140″ wheelbase wise in terms of having a car that will handle well at higher (meaning over 140mph) speeds without putting a ton of weight on the front end. We’re equipped to be able to put about 100lbs on the front end via the weight box, but even then I think the fastest I’d ever want to go is in the 165 MPH range in such a short car, and that works out to the upper 8s ET-wise. But as I said in the last post, we may find that running in the lower mid 9’s just might suit us fine.


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