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On a roll!

December 24, 2009

Wow- two sets of photos in one week! Here are pics of the car with the cage tacked in place. I think it has enough of a layback to look vintage and it will still pass tech. Brian wanted to lower the cage another 1 1/2″, which admittedly would look amazing, but I have to make sure I fit in the car, and that I can get my head back far enough that the front hoop is 4″ past the front of my helmet.

Words can’t describe how disappointed I am to not be able to use an open face helmet and breather mask setup. But that’s a whole ‘nother futile discussion for another time. I only hope that there will be some more un-sanctioned west coast meets so I can use an up-to-date open helmet and a brand new mask to help complete the vision. (plus in the interest of full-disclosure realize a big part of that childhood dream. Nothing looks as cool as the breather mask and goggles.)

Words also can’t describe how cool this car is- viva Rocinante!   


The hook goes in deeper

December 23, 2009

I can already tell that the hardest part of this whole project is going to be those months on end when we’re saving for the next big purchase and progress is at a stand-still. The reason I say this is a Sunday night came and went with no new photos of the car and it was murder. Thankfully Brian sent a cyber care package a few days later with photos of the latest progress.

We now have the frame rails at the front pie cut and pinched, the torsion bar mounted, the front axle fabbed and mounted, with the radius rods fabbed and mounted as well. Out back, he’s fabbed and mounted the anti-rotational device. A few posts ago my head was thanking Brian for beefing up the top rails around the roll cage mounting area. Well, even though I don’t plan on having any more kids, I’m still glad that the anti-rotational device is in place… before those were made it was bad news. I know that’s what got Jack Christman, and I believe the same thing happened to Rich Guasco and ended his driving career back in about ’62/’63. Having an axle housing spin with you sitting on top of it would make for the textbook definition of having a crappy day.

So the progress is huge! Brian has moved Rocinante from his shop into the garage, and the next things to do are mount the steering and the roll cage, narrow the rear end, and build the weight box which will be mounted between the frame rails behind the torsionbar tube. We’re going with a slightly longer box because I want to be sure it’s big enough for us to be able to fit 100lbs of lead shot in there should we need it. I’m hoping we don’t, but better safe than sorry, and I like the idea of having the weight all between the frame rails rather than hanging off the front axle. 

I’m guessing the last thing to do will be to fab up the shorty aluminum body and then she’ll get packed up and start her trek to Burbank, where we’re due to pick her up in a little over a month. It seems unreal!  Here are the latest photos: