On a roll!

Wow- two sets of photos in one week! Here are pics of the car with the cage tacked in place. I think it has enough of a layback to look vintage and it will still pass tech. Brian wanted to lower the cage another 1 1/2″, which admittedly would look amazing, but I have to make sure I fit in the car, and that I can get my head back far enough that the front hoop is 4″ past the front of my helmet.

Words can’t describe how disappointed I am to not be able to use an open face helmet and breather mask setup. But that’s a whole ‘nother futile discussion for another time. I only hope that there will be some more un-sanctioned west coast meets so I can use an up-to-date open helmet and a brand new mask to help complete the vision. (plus in the interest of full-disclosure realize a big part of that childhood dream. Nothing looks as cool as the breather mask and goggles.)

Words also can’t describe how cool this car is- viva Rocinante!   


4 Responses to “On a roll!”

  1. vince Says:

    Looking great!!!

  2. rocinante rides again Says:

    So Vince, when are you building your digger? 😉

  3. george Says:

    hi read your comment about cen pen chassis.im having them build me one .what did you not like about it ?i won their give away and visited the shop .most of what i did not like about the car. was designed to make it easy to get by tech inspections. looking foward to hearing from you.my chassis will not be started till oct so you have a bit of a head start. mostly i wanted to give myself time to collect parts and spread the financel load.

    • rocinante rides again Says:

      HI George- I wasn’t bird-doggin’ Cen Pen overall, just saying it wasn’t quite right for what we wanted to do, which was make a car that other than the extra hoop on the roll bar, looked spot on as an early 60’s car. I felt the cockpit area in the Cen Pen chassis was a too wide, and the roll cage wasn’t quite what we were looking for, plus we ended up basically geting a custom chassis built to our specs narrowed rear axle, steering, front axle, torsion bar set up shorty aluminum body and it came with an NHRA certification sticker from King Chassis for substantially less than what we would have spent at Cen Pen. It was just a better fit for what we wanted to do. Best of luck with your build! Please keep in touch and send updates!

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