View into the future!

Brian sent some final photos before Rocinante is loaded up to make here journey to Burbank next week. A borrowed set of  wheels and tires were put on for the photos to give an idea on the stance and look of the car. Brian originally put the wheels from Zorba’s Ghost on, but he said they didn’t look so hot- too small a diameter for the extra space between the rear axle and the back of the shoulder hoop… kind of a bummer on one hand, but on the other, he found a set of wheels from a buddy that are 10.5 x31s and they look bitchin’! I can’t wait! I wish we already had wheels and tires so it would look like this in my garage, but I guess that just means more incentive to make it happen… What looks like a fuel tank is actually a weight box. At some point this will be full of lead shot to help keep the front end down. I’ll take photos from the banzai trip to Burbank and back and post them when she’s safely home.


3 Responses to “View into the future!”

  1. Tom Stephens Says:


    Stupid question, but the new bodywork is all yours, correct? Looks GREAT!!!!!


  2. vince Says:

    looks great

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