No longer just a chassis!

It’s amazing what a set of wheels and tires will do to turn the chassis sitting in the garage into more of a dragster sitting in the garage. Mark found a way to get wheels and tires this year, so we ordered the fronts from John Hansen over at Hayden, and the rear wheels from the fine folks over at ET and had them drop shipped to John Hashim at M&H to mount and balance the new slicks! If I ever needed an excuse to go to the March Meet, this was the perfect one. John Hansen would be running his Jr. Fueler and could bring the fronts, and John Hashim would be down there anyway helping customers, so he said he’d gladly bring the rims and slicks.

We wanted the early 60’s American Racing 5 spoke look to further our vision, so we went with the ETs. “But American Racing makes the Torque Thrusts new! Why didn’t you go with them?” Well, because they don’t make a 10″ wide rim or do custom offsets, while ET will build the wheel to your specs. So we went with a 4 1/2″ backspace with the 5 on 4 1/2″ bolt pattern.

Even though I was dog-tired after 9 hours of driving and a day at the strip, I couldn’t resist and put them on after I got in last night. This morning I cleared the driveway and pushed her out into the daylight so I could get some profile shots. I’m in love!

Here are some of the photos. (excuse the lawn! It has been winning the battle of wits between us. Despite my best efforts, apparently lawn growing is not my forte)


4 Responses to “No longer just a chassis!”

  1. Michael Edick Says:

    the car looks great!

    but what I really wanna know about is the 67 Mustang in the background…yours?

  2. rocinante rides again Says:

    Ah no… I just have my crappy Toyota truck.

  3. george Says:

    did i miss it ? what size wheeles and tires did you get ?looks great

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