We’re still here…

There will be large gaps where there isn’t much activity on the blog or the car. It’s just the reality of doing this deal bucks down, but maintaining the vision for building a dragster to high standards quality-wise as well as visually. So right now we’re replenishing the war cheast and making plans for the work to do next year. Rocinante gets plenty of attention, and I still just like being around her- there are times where I’ll just go sit in the car after a stressful day to unwind and dream. But if things go black on the blog for awhile, rest assured that we haven’t abandoned the project. Rocinante will ride even if it takes a few years to make it happen.

Thanks for being interested and checking out the blog. For those of you toying with the idea of building a dragster of your own- go for it. You won’t regret it! 

All the best-


One Response to “We’re still here…”

  1. Tom Stephens Says:


    I’m not going anywhere, I check your site almost daily for updates. I can be patient and look forward to hearing about your progress, whenever that might be!


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