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A bit of a diversion…

August 17, 2010

While we’re rebuilding the war chest and planning our next move, I’ve been goofing around with windows movie maker and done a few little videos. Often times folks will post old home movies and they will either have some kind of modern soundtrack, or if it is someone from the trad rod scene, a kind of neo-rockabilly deal. I got really tired of rockabilly in the 1980s, and never regained a taste for it. Besides, it always seems to fit better with 1950’s footage anyway, not 1960’s drag racing. So I added songs that to me, lend themselves more to the mid-60’s vibe.  

The first one is some of the dragster clips from the Lou Baney home movies that were posted on the Jalopy Journal. Soundtrack is Hotline by the Bomboras.

The second one is footage from the ’65 Indy Nats and the ’65 Winternats set to She Rides a Chopper by Evan Foster.

I think the films further illustrate that at least in my opinion, modern drag racing will never hold a candle to drag racing in the 60’s.