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Progress report

June 21, 2012

Well, even though I haven’t blogged it, there has been a bit of progress. Since the last post, I was able to pick up the correct Hilborn 150-A fuel pump, and then found a matching Hilborn front timing cover and fuel pump drive spud. So everything is Hilborn in the injection system. I kind of like that sort of symmetry.

Also, while I’ve always loved the car, I had kind of wished the rear axle was narrower. Brian Fox also noticed this and without provocation told me to measure the distance between the sidewall and body, then take the rear end out of the car, box it up and send it to him with instruction on how much more it should be narrowed on each side.  I lose track, but this was last fall, I believe.

This weekend I figured that I’ve got to get dirty and make some progress, so I dug out my chop saw, measured and shortened the axles an 1 1/4″ each so I could at least make it a roller once again. Plus I wanted to drill out the rivets from the tail section we had bought from Roger (he had narrowed it, trimmed the sides a bit, and then rivited it together using aluminum strips, but hadn’t gotten around to glassing it again) so I could clamp it to the car and start to figure out the gaps and the fit. It’s pretty close. Once I have it in the exact spot, I will rivet just a couple of aluminum bridge pieces across the gap to hold it in position for fiberglassing. I will have to add about 2″ on the sides to meet the sides of the cowl, and then taper it back to the rear radius behind the cage. This will make the car look even lower. My friend Eddie Stein has done a lot of fiberglassing, and he’ll help me to make the tail section one piece again, and weld tabs to mount the dzus fasteners. The goal is to accomplish this sometime in July.

In the meantime, here are photos with the narrowed rear axle and the mock up of the rear section- click on them if you’d like to see them full size: