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Let’s Get Itchy!

May 17, 2014

Made progress on the dragster by fiberglassing the two tail section halves back into one piece. This was my first time working with fiberglass. My friend Eddie Stein has experience so he came over to help out and walk me through the process. 

Mark and I had purchased this King Chassis tail from Roger Lee who originally bought it for his Masters and Richter dragster recreation. He had narrowed it, and then riveted the two sections together with aluminum strip on the backside providing support. In time he decided to have a tail section made from aluminum and passed this one on to us for a great deal. So I drilled out the rivets and mocked it up on our dragster by clamping the halves onto the frame. Cut a few braces from 1/8″ strap to keep the two halves spaced correctly and then waited until I could line the stars up to do the fiberglass work.

Still more work to do- I need to raise the sides with new glass, and then extend the floor where it had been trimmed, but it’s progress. Lots of sanding, filling, and finish work to do to make it pretty and get it ready for paint, but onward and upward!