Working a little backwards on this – this actually happened in mid-March, but I want to update in order.

Another puzzle piece to the dragster taken care of.

Because I’m building it as close to 1963 specs that I can and still run it, the chassis has built into it what they call “engine dump” – which basically means the engine tilts down as was the norm with the dragsters of the era.

The only problem is, by tilting the motor down, a stock oil pan drags on the ground. Because engine dump hasn’t been used in dragsters for 45 + years, no one makes an aftermarket pan for this. So I went old school and bought a new stock Chevy pan, took measurements and modified it to suit. I’m not that great of a welder, so I had my good friend Eddie Stein do the welding.

If the weather holds and I don’t get snowed out, I’ll head up this weekend to work on the dragster – swap this out with the pan that drags, bolt up the transmission and get the dragster ready to go to my friend Mike Smith’s shop so he can work his magic in the cockpit. Baby steps, but stoked to make some progress.


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